Greenland Families

We have 4 main family lines that are run under the same management during the year but joined separately they are:



Superfine Wool Family 74's + quality counts

This family is retained as a specialty superfine flock for breeding rams for high rainfall environments & for those clients that are breeding specialty wools to suit the Italian textile market.

Fine Wool Family

The fine wool family are a well balanced 70's qualities style group. This family are suited to most environments ranging from heavy rainfall to  steep dry hill country cutting heavy fleece weights, whilst maintaining traditional fine crimping wool to suit high quality markets & keeping the outstanding carcass attributes that produces a mature ewe/weather that cuts years of wool, then high value to the mutton industry.


Fine/Medium Medium Wool Family

This family is the largest breeding group of our stud, consisting of heavy cutting, large frame, early maturing, type of ewes, which rare a high percentage of lambs.

Mediums 64’s  they range from fine med to medium, large maternal ewes that fill bales while maintaining good quality white wool, while maintaining great carcass ability.

Poll Merino Family

The poll family consists of 2 separate wool groups. The fine wool & fine/medium medium group. These families are all selected for early maturing, high material value whist maintaining heavy wool cutting attributes.

Polls, based on emu hills, with a great survivability, fertility and great ease of management. 

Horned Sires

Semen Sire: Greenland Catapiller 060555

Sire: Nerstane 031253

Dam: G 010684

Dam Sire: C3

Micron: 18


CV: 16.7

CF: 99.9

Bodyweight: 156kgs

DOB: 2/8/06

Greenland Catapiller is a fine/medium with 66 quailty count.

Semen Sire: Greenland Kato 4th 20366

Sire: Greenland Kato
Dam: G 9771
Dam Sire: GC9
Micron: 18.9
CV: 15.8
CF: 99.3
Bodyweight: 140kgs
DOB: 7/8/12


Greenland Kato 4th is a true fine wool ram. He won the Tom Culley Award in 2013 for Supreme Junior Merino Exhibit of the Sydney Royal Show.

His Sire Greenland Kato was an enormous Ram for a finewool weighing 140kgs as a two tooth and a trait leader for size in Superior Sires. His mother is a Captain 9th ewe and they have proven themselves to be very productive wool cutters in the stud. This sire has great bone and structurally correct. $50 per dose.