At Greenland we are continuously concentrating on improving the genetics to breed a well balanced animal that is correct in structure with good bone on a large frame and yet maintain fibre diameter with supple skins and a rich well nourished distinct crimped wool that performs well and a versatile sheep that are suitable to most environments as well as various options such as sheep that will reach the desired body weight for the boat trade, meat trade or ewes that are suitable for first cross lamb mothers. Large framed sheep usually create strong competition from restocker interest.


Greenland is concentrating on improving these characters which determine net returns to woolgrowers, this enables us to progress far more effectively. The improved wool market along with the strong demand for sheep and mutton make a merino operation very profitable, Greenland sheep are versatile and are highly fertile.

Greenland has been performance recording the stud ewes since its establisment 1987 enabling us to stabilize microns, and increase bone, frame and fleece weights. We believe the ewe base is the most important part for breeding progeny that will breed repeatable and predictable. 
Greenland provides a free sheep classing service for all our clients.

Greenland strives to breed the best merino sheep that can be bred in the exacting Monaro climate with1995.96,97, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2010 have been drought years making it very hard hand feeding the rams to bring them up to standard.