Semen Sire: Greenland SM 3-0434


Sire: SU
Dam: 0-0676
Micron: 18.5
CV: 15.1
SD: 2.8
CF: 99.7
Bodyweight: 147kgs
DOB: 19/7/13

We used Greenland SM  3-0434 as a one year old, before showing him as a 2 year old. His progeny are looking very promising. He is from our medium wool family with a fine medium wool. He is very big proud ram with plenty of presence. A true sire head and a great bone and structure. $40 a dose.

Semen Sire: Greenland Emo 7333

History 7

Sire: GER2
Dam: G 5671
Dam Sire: GSV 050015
Micron: 17.2
SD: 2.8
CF: 99.8
CV: 16.7
DOB: 26/8/07
MP+ 135
DP+ 130

Greenland Emo 7333 is out of our superfine family. He has a tremendous spring of rib and a great constitution. His daughters have proven themselves to be true to type superfine ewes with 74s 80s wool, supple skins, showing nice purity and very productive and fertile. $40 per dose.

Semen Sire: Greenland Kato 4th 20366


Sire: Greenland Kato
Dam: G 9771
Dam Sire: GC9
Micron: 18.9
CV: 15.8
CF: 99.3
Bodyweight: 140kgs
DOB: 7/8/12
DP+ 132
CFW +9
Ywt +6.1

Greenland Kato 4th is a true fine wool ram. He won the Tom Culley Award in 2013 for Supreme Junior Merino Exhibit of the Sydney Royal Show.

His Sire Greenland Kato was an enormous Ram for a finewool weighing 140kgs as a two tooth and a trait leader for size in Superior Sires. His mother is a Captain 9th ewe and they have proven themselves to be very productive wool cutters in the stud. This sire has great bone and structurally correct. $40 per dose.

Semen Sire: Greenland Super Charge 2nd 20620


Sire: GSG
Dam: G7650
Dam Sire: GC4
Micron: 16.6
SD: 2.4
CV: 14.4
CF: 99.6
DOB: 8/8/12
MP+ 121
FP+ 116
YWT: +1.8

Greenland Super Charge 2nd 20620 Ram is an unusually big merino for his wool type. He comes from our superfine family, he has a superb 74s 80s wool of very well defined traditional crimp. He has a great horn set, structurally sound and a beautiful presence. $40 per dose.