2018 Show Results

Sydney Royal

Supreme Fleece of Show, Grand Champion Strong Wool Ewe, Grand Champion Fine/Medium wool Ewe, Reserve Grand Champion Strongwool Ram, Junior Reserve Champion March shorn Merino Ram, Champion Fine/Medium Wool march shorn Merino Ewe, Champion Strongwool August shorn Merino Ewe.
Reserve Champion Strongwool March shorn Merino Ram, Reserve Champion Ultrafine wool March shorn Merino Ewe.

Canberra Royal

Supreme Merino Medium/Strong wool, Junior Champion Merino Ram, Champion Medium/Strong wool Ewe, Champion Poll Finewool Ewe.


Supreme Merino, Grand Champion Ram, Champion Fleece of the show, Champion Superfine Ram, Champion Finewool Ram, Champion Fine/Medium Ram, Champion Med/strong Ram.


Champion Poll Ewe, Reserve Champion Med/ Strong Ewe, Reserve Champion Medium/Strong wool Ram August shorn, Reserve Champion Medium/Strong Ram-March shorn.


Junior Champion Ram, Champion Med/strongwool Ewe, Champion Med/Strong Ram, Champion Finewool Ewe, Champion Fine/Med Ram, Reserve Champion Med/strong Ewe,
Reserve Grand Champion Merino Ram.

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